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Protect All Shine Plus


Protect All SHINE plus™ is a multifunctional advanced formula that replaces five or more products. Imagine cleaning, polishing, waxing, treating and protecting 100's of surfaces with only one product. Extremely effective and economical, Protect All SHINE plus™ can be used in every room of the home and office. It is ideal for all RV and boat interiors, too.

Protect All SHINE plus™ applies quickly and easily. Just spray and wipe dry to clean away grease, oil, food residue, dust and fingerprints. Protect All SHINE plus™ is non-abrasive and safe for even the most delicate surfaces.

Protect All SHINE plus™ protects surfaces with an anti-static, water repellent finish. Regular use means that future cleaning, polishing, waxing and treating becomes even easier and quicker. Dirt, grime and water spots will not adhere. The end result on matte surfaces is a silky smooth, lustrous finish and, on shiny surfaces, Protect All SHINEplus™ truly makes them sparkle!

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