Aug 1-5, 2017

Mid-West Educational & Training Event

Handi-Quilter Mid West Event
Aug 01, 2017, 9:00 AM – Aug 05, 2017, 4:00 PM
Highland Masonic Lodge,
721 9th St, Highland, IL 62249, USA

The Machine Shop in Highland, Illinois is happy to sponsor an educational and training event for long-arm quilters.  We will be featuring the Handi-Quilter line of products and all training will be conducted by: 


Mary Beth Krapil
Handi Quilter National Educator
Art and Stitch Certified Teacher


Day 1 Tuesday August 1st - Morning  9-noon



Do you quilt on a sewing machine, but long for more space? Do you have limited space for a quilting machine, and prefer to sit down to quilt? Come see how the HQ Sweet Sixteen will solve those problems and help you finish quilts of any size! The machine features make free motion quilting a breeze, and additional creative feet and gadgets take you far beyond meandering and stitch-in-the-ditch.



• Built-in machine features

• Stitch Regulation with Tru-Stitch

• Pattern application and Golden Threads paper

• Basting layers and manipulating the quilt

• Creative machine feet, rulers and gadgets


Day 1 Tuesday August 1st - Afternoon   1-4pm




This class is for everyone – whether you’ve never quilted and want to learn, or if you already quilt. This overview covers the step-by-step process, from selecting a quilting design to the first quilting stitches. You will learn how to resize and apply designs, choose batting and backings, baste quilt tops, and all about threads, needles and tension. You will be on your way to finishing your quilts!



• Selecting, resizing auditioning and applying quilt designs

• Preparing the quilt top and backing

• Batting selection and basting

• Threads, needles and tension

• Stitch in the ditch and meander quilting

• Creative machine feet, rulers and gadgets

Day 2  Wednesday August 2nd - Morning 9-noon



If you love precision and consistency in your quilting designs, you will love using design rulers and templates! These handy tools assist in placing designs accurately and stitching them out precisely. Learn to handle rulers and templates safely with the ruler base, and how to achieve accuracy with the markings. The wide variety of Handi-Quilter rulers will inspire you to new design heights.



• Handling rulers safely

• Accomplishing precision and accuracy

• Straight line quilting and stitch in the ditch

• Right angles and cross hatching

• Overview of all shapes of Handi Quilter rulers


Day 2 Wednesday August 2nd - Afternoon   1-4pm



Meandering is the easiest and most common filler for background space – but there are limitless creative design elements to use instead. Come expand your design portfolio by learning the stitch path of a wide variety of creative filler designs. Learn which designs lend themselves best to micro-quilting, and how to use micro-handles for best results.



• Selecting appropriate fills to compliment design style

• Creating special effects with different fillers

• Scaling the fill design size appropriately

• Evenly placing and spacing fills

• Effectively using HQ Micro Handles


Day 3 Thursday August 3rd - All Day (Lunch Included)


This class is an extension of the basic Introduction to the HQ Pro-Stitcher. Focused on additional functions of the HQ Pro-Stitcher, beyond the basics, this class also focuses on problem solving issues encountered. Tips and shortcuts for using the many features and functions of the HQ Pro-Stitcher program will be included.



• Placing borders, corners and triangles

• Skew 1 and Skew 2

• Chunking

• Wrapping and off-setting edge to edge designs

• Simulation


Day  4 Friday August 4th - All Day (Lunch Included)



In this fun filled class students will explore the amazing capabilities of Art and Stitch from the basics to advanced techniques. Mary Beth will guide you along the way in learning the tools available for creating the designs you want to enhance your quilts.


• Learn how to navigate the menus.

• Organize and save your designs to take to your quilt system

• Get familiar with tool bars. Learn to use the different drawing tools.

• Practice using reshape to perfect your drawing.

• Add interest to your designs using the motif fill, both within your shapes or as background quilting.

• Discover how quick and easy it is to create unique edge to edge designs

• Play with the Magic tools to create instant impressive designs.

• Use background images to trace

•Move on to advanced techniques like creating with true type fonts, creating borders and corners, feathers, etc, time permitting.

Supply list:

• Laptop computer with Art and Stitch Version 4.1 loaded. Trial available at Important note: Trial version is just fine for class. You do NOT need an activated version to participate. You can use all the tools within Art and Stitch but you will not be able to save what you create with the trial version.

Do this at least a few days BEFORE class. You will not be able to download the latest version during class.

• Power cord for laptop.

• Wired mouse. Drawing with the small cursor pad on a laptop is difficult and the teacher can help you more easily if you have a mouse.

• Paper and pencil for note taking.

• Dry erase marker


Day 5 Saturday August 5th - All Day (Lunch included)


MOVING ON WITH ART & STITCH  – Advanced techniques - hands-on


In this class we will explore more of the features in Art and Stitch. Creative fills, True Type font artwork, creating and playing with pearls, just to name a few. Students should be familiar with the tools in Art and Stitch. If you have taken Mary Beth's 'Getting Started with Art and Stitch' class you will be ready to keep going and have even more fun.

Supply list:

• Laptop computer with Art and Stitch Version 4 loaded. Trial available at Important note: Trial version is just fine for class. You do NOT need an activated version to participate. You can use all the tools within Art and Stitch but you will not be able to save what you create with the trial version.

• Power cord for laptop.

•  Wired mouse. Drawing with the small cursor pad on a laptop is difficult.

• Paper and pencil for note taking.

• Dry erase marker

Any ½ day class is $50, full day classes $100.

Early bird:  Receive a 10% discount for registering  by June 1st.


Maximize your savings. Receive a $100 discount if you sign up for all 5 days.


Additional Savings:  If you bring a friend who does not own a long arm, or owns a competitive brand; you will receive a Merchandise Voucher valued at 40% of your class fees.  The merchandise voucher can be spent during the event or saved for a later purchase for tools, accessories or thread.


We will send you a PayPal request for payment of class fees after receiving your registration.  Please allow 24-48 hours for the request to arrive.

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